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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 11, 2009 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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>> that's it. they're very proud. >> mom and daddy, we love you. >> go to the after the show, show right now, they'll play one of their big hits, heaven. do you have a little spanish to play? >> see you next weekend. good morning, everyone. this is a fox news alert. a nearly day long hostage situation is over at this hour and it was at the headquarters for the pakinstani army. pakinstani leaders are now saying they think the taliban and al-qaeda were both behind it. commando high school to storm the building and free it in the end dozens of hostages, but not without cost. at least 19 people died throughout the bloody ordeal, including three of the captives during the rescue. the stand-off beginning yesterday when militants took over this very heavily fortified building. good morning, imogam i don't colby. >> several of the hostage takers were killed, but their leader was captured alive.
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the pakistan government says this morning that he might be a member and leader of al-qaeda. the attack occurred as pakistan says it is getting ready to launch that new offensive against al-qaeda and the taliban. the assault, seen as a message by the taliban to tell pakistan coming after al-qaeda will not be easy. fox is live from islam bad, pakistan. >> let's first start with how did the rescue itself unfold? >> good morning, to you. the pakinstani government is calling that a successful operation. it ended a 22 hour drama that began yesterday morning when the militants stormed the gate of the general headquarters. we know at least 42 captives were released in this rescue by the commandos, or the ssg, the special services group. that's what they call them here. we know three captives were killed in this rescue operation. eight militants lost their lives
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along with two of the commandos themselves. one militant, when they stormed the building where they were being holed up, one of the militant high school a suicide vest strapped to him. he was stationed outside the room where all the hostages were kept. one of the commandos was able to take him out before he was able to pull the trigger. the ring leader was captured alive. the government here saying he's definitely part of the taliban, the ttp, the umbrella group for the pakinstani taliban. they're saying the government is saying the guys who carried it out, they were part of the cell of the tpp from punjab province. that throws a different angle to it. but as you said, the headquarters for the ttp is down in south and that's where the next military operation will take place imminently. >> scott, here is a question, this is seen by some as a message to pakistan that it won't be easy if they go into the area and try to route out
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al-qaeda. is that the sense where you're at? now that the hostage situation is over, what's next? >> yeah, it is going to be that military offensive. we know now the military set a date. obviously they're not publicizing it. they named the operation path of salvation. it's around the corner. the interior minister is traveling and he's in singapore right now. in the last hour he said this operation is imminent. so it's just around the corner. as you alluded, it's not going to be an easy fight. the terrain there is very rugged and also we know that the snow will start to fall in the next several weeks, so there is a window of opportunity now for the pakinstani military. they tried to battle the taliban twice and failed before. but right now the rhetoric coming out of the military and government is they're holding nothing back when it comes to opening this offensive that is just around the corner. >> all right. scott live in islamabad and what
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this could mean for the attempt to go after al-qaeda. thanks, scott. jamie? >> this particular attack that we're talking about is just the latest in a series. there were three in pakistan in just the last week. let's not forget that pakistan has nuclear weapons. so what if the violence there gets worse, could the weapons fall into terrorist hands? secretary of state hillary clinton says today that even though pakistan does face serious threats from terrorism, its nuclear arsenal, she believes, is not at risk. let's see what marvin winebound think, a former pakistan analyst with the state department and he's with the middle east institute in washington. thank you so much for being with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> does the secretary have it right? >> yes, i think so. we have every indication that the nuclear facilities in pakistan, the weapons themselves, are under pretty tight control. the problem would be if we saw a break up of the pakistan military, which has really the
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control over these weapons. we see nothing of that sort right now. but that would be the sort of thing we would look at for in the future if there was disaffection within the military itself. >> let's face it, three attacks in one week. this does appear to be -- this is a stunning security breach of the army headquarters, so close to the capital, so important, this is the center of operations and we rely on this military to watch the nuclear site. so what is the message that the militants are sending and what can you tell us about the new leader of the taliban in pakistan, has he been a game changer? >> well, what it tells us about this is that they sent the message that we can reach you wherever you are. there is no part of pakistan which is not, in a sense, vulnerable to attack from the
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taliban from al-qaeda. it does tell us a lot about how the leader, he's new in the job. he has yet to demonstrate that he can pull that organization together. in actions like this, he's saying to his own followers as well as the people of pakistan that i'm in control. i'm calling the shots. that is important. >> and he has said that the pakinstani army is one of the main targets that they will go after and they had quite an attack as we saw yesterday. so how can we also say on the same hand that the nuclear sites are not at risk and we know that the tensions with india also could at some point come into play, how much should we be involved in the situation, particularly with our troops in afghanistan, and how concerned should the whole world be? >> we're always concerned about the security of a large nuclear
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arsenal. the pakinstanis have perhaps 80 to 100 nuclear weapons. certainly that's a concern. but every indication we have right now is that the nuclear facility itself is under good control. i want to say, though, of course, this does make us show some concern because as you point out, they did go after the headquarters and that is considered to be the very core of the military operation in pakistan. >> it must be truly fortified, maybe the nuclear sites are a little more fortified, but nevertheless, they got in, they stayed in, they took hostage, they killed people, and the assumption is, by pakinstani authorities, that it's a coordinated effort with the taliban and al-qaeda, and so the question is what does pakistan need to do right now to assure the rest of the world that those nukes will not get into the
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wrong hands? >> well, all i can say about this is that if that does happen, it will be because it's partly at least an inside job. what you would need in order to violate the security of those sites and there are numerous ones around the country, actually, where nuclear weapons are stored, you would have to have the cooperation of people within the military and within the scientific community. again, there are no guarantees here, but we have studied this pretty carefully and helped them set up that command and control operation. so we're fairly confident that at least for the time being, that is in good hands. >> okay. that's basically what secretary clinton was saying today. marvin, very nice to meet you, thanks for being on this morning. >> jamie, to afghanistan this morning, the head of the u.n. mission there acknowledges that yes, there was widespread fraud,
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he thinks, in the presidential election held in august. no specific examples being given of exactly what type of fraud there could have been. so it's not to interfere with the recount of the ballots now going on. but he says the actual number of fraudulent votes was pure guesswork until the recount was finished. he was responding to allegations made by his former deputy. he was accused his bosses at the united nations of covering up the fraud he says, to help afghan president karzai win the race. jamie? >> u.s. and afghan forces are in pursuit of militants after they stormed an al-qaeda compound in eastern afghanistan. they killed more than a dozen inside in a fire fight and the military is saying they captured some of those militants. no casualties reported among the allied troops or civilians. al-qaeda's leadership is widely assumed to be hiding in pakistan, but afghanistan believes that foreign fighters are increasingly crossing into their country to bolster the
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taliban there. >> with the election with mr. karzai in dispute, the question, how to regain the upper hand in afghanistan? a huge issue right now for president obama. he is weighing his options on the best way forward there. one side a request from his top commander on the ground for more troops. on the other, a drop in public support for the ongoing war. caroline, the president says it will be a few weeks before he makes a decision on the troop levels. what are members of congress saying this morning? >> it runs the full gamut. for the most part, they're backing the request for a major increase in troop levels. they point to the success of the surge in iraq, saying they think the same thing can be done in afghanistan. take a listen to republican senator lindsey graham on meet the press. >> about better security the training element will fail, that's exactly what happened in afghanistan, so we need more combat power, general mccrystal says 40,000n that
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neighborhood, i would go with the general. >> senator graham also made a pretty bold prediction. he said if the u.s. follows that plan, then 24 months from now, the stability we see in iraq now, we'll see that in afghanistan. >> yeah, they have three options. zero, 40,000 more, maybe 60,000 more, but not everybody is sold on the idea of more troops. >> that's true. public support has actually dropped for the war in many polls. politicians read those polls and know what the public wants. many democrats, many democrats in congress are urging the president to take his time in making a decision. listen to democratic senator carl levin on meet the press. >> at this time, don't send more combat troops, but you i say focus on the afghan forces, the army faster, larger, better equipped. why are we -- why don't we have a great plan to ship equipment from iraq to afghanistan? we ought to do that to strengthen the afghan army. so there is a lot of ways to show resolve other than more and more combat forces.
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>> more liberal members of congress are taking a hard stance, saying no more troops, no way. >> others are accusing the president of deatherring in their words at this, but we should get an answer in a few weeks. thanks. >> arizona police are looking very closely at the materials that were actually used in a spiritual retreat sweat lodge. this is at the angel valley retreat center near sedona in arizona and two people died there during a spiritual cleansing ceremony. 19 more people were rushed to the hospital. now investigators are saying that parts of the sweat lodge were covered with plastic tarps and the use of these would be considered a big no-no given the toxins that are found in tarps. the retreat is owned by well-known author and tv personality, james ray. he's a spiritual guru, very popular guest who has been seen on oprah and larry king and the people who go there pay up to $9,000 to attend his cleansing ceremonies. some in the spiritual field are
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pointing the finger at ray. >> when you're thirsty, you take a drink of water. it's easy to look at somebody else and say it's because he told me to. this is why i did it. so he is responsible. >> police say ray's out of state and so far is not talking to the authorities. they also say that once the investigation is over, they will look potentially at possible charges. also there was a deadly plane collision in louisiana. two people were killed, two others injured in a midair collision. it happened in the town of pineville. the planes were taking part in the annual fall fly-in over lake bulow. two people in one plane died and the condition of another passenger isn't known. this woman saw it all from start to finish. >> they were coming in to land, i believe. the one in the rear gained up a little speed and he clipped the
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wing -- he curbed, like he clipped the wing of the other struck plane and they both just went down. >> the national transportation and safety board will investigate the cause of this crash. >> there is a looming show down over iran's nuclear ambitions. tehran warning this morning that it will enrich uranium to higher levels if talks of world powers fail. this has secretary of state hillary clinton said in london that the u.s. and the world will not wait for iran to prove it's not trying to build a nuclear weapon. >> words are not enough and we are speaking with a single voice and delivering a clear message to iran. the international community will not wait indefinitely for evidence that iran is prepared to live up to its international obligations. >> so what's going on to stop iran? anything? and is tehran even willing to talk seriously in the first place? joining us now is former u.s. ambassador to the june june john
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bolten who joins us every sunday to talk about this issue, among others. good morning. >> good morning. glad to be here. >> we heard the secretary of state say that the world community is talking with one voice. is it? >> well, unfortunately no. we may this time have france and britain and germany more closely aligned with us on the threat that iran poses, but i think russia and china are still paying lip service to the idea that we're going to really impose pressure on iran. this latest comment from iran, i think puts them in a better bargaining position. that's what it's designed to do, in anticipation of further meeting this is month. >> what does it really mean when they say they're going to enrich uranium further? what do they need to make a nuclear bomb versus to generate electricity or use it for medical purposes, as they claim? >> they've been enriching uranium for some time now to the level you need for typical
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reactor grade fuel. the idea of enriching further comes from the meeting in geneva that the five members of the u.s. security counsel had where they talked about the tehran research reactor and enriching uranium to just under 20%. so the idea that iran is saying, we're going to go above the amount you need for a typical reactor is a way of saying, we're just going to get that much closer to the 90% enrichment you typically need for nuclear weapons. that's why it's a win-win for iran. either they have russia enrich the uranium up to the level they need or do it themselves. >> do you think iran is really serious about these talks? >> i don't think so at all. i don't think they've really ever been serious about the talks for the last seven years. that's why with all due respect to secretary clinton, nine months have gone by already under the obama administration, adding on to six plus years under the bush administration while these talks have gone on,
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during which time iran has simply progressed further and further along the path to getting a deliverable nuclear weapon. that's why iran has used these negotiations for nearly seven years so successfully and why the west has consistently failed in its stated objective to stop iran from making that progress. >> you talk about the west failing. let's show awe quote from president sarkozy of france. you said this is one of the most subtle rebukes of the obama administration. we live in a real world, not a virtual world. i support the americans out stretched hand, what do the international community gain from these offers of dialogue? nothing. more enriched uranium and on top of that, a statement by iranian leaders proposing to wipe a u.n. member off the map. there comes a time when facts are stubborn and decisions must be made. what does the president of france mean about that. >> i think he sees very clearly how close iran is to achieving its objective of deliverable nuclear weapons and he's getting
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nervous that these close to seven years of negotiations have failed. so it's a very, very encouraging sign and one that i wish we had heard from france and germany earlier. it's too bad president sarkozy wasn't elected six years ago. >> what about president obama and that type of statement? >> i think it's a rare moment in contemporary history when you have the president of france taking a harder line than the american president and indeed, prime minister gordon brown of britain took a harder line than president obama. he was referring a couple weeks ago to drawing a line in the sand. so i think from iran's point of view, they're going to try and split britain, france, germany and the u.s., but this time, they're counting on the u.s. to take the softer line. they may be right. >> u.s. ambassador, thank you for your analysis this morning, something for us to think about as these talks will resume. >> thank you. >> jamie. >> police in stockton, california responding to a
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shooting. the gunman comes out armed with a shotgun, two pistols, and a band of ammunition and the shootout begins. we'll tell you what happens next.
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behind a garage. the police responding to reports of gun fire in a home there. when they showed up, they found three people who had been wound wounded. the gunman ran behind a garage and ordered to stop and surrender and they say eventually killed in a shootout with police. no police officers were injured in that shootout. we're following a number of stories. u.s. and afghan forces in
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pursuit of militants storm an al-qaeda compound in eastern afghanistan and they kill more than a dozen inside. no casualties reported among allied troops or civilians. pakinstani commandos were able to free the hostages from a group of militants who had carried out an attack on the army's headquarters. commandos realliyed the pakinstani army compound, killed four of the five hostage takers. pakistan believes the taliban and al-qaeda were both behind it. president obama reaffirming his campaign promise that he would end the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military, getting a standing ovation last night, he told the human rights campaign he will put an end to don't ask, don't tell. but mr. obama offering a no timetable when that would happen. following up on the situation in pakistan. we know the raid that ended in a rescue of 39 members of the pakistan military in that
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pakistan center. this after members of taliban and believed to be al-qaeda stormed that military centerment they were dressed as pakistan members of the military. they were able to actually get inside the center before they were killed and taken out. this morning we're getting word from pakistan that the long awaited raid and military effort to go into south area is imminent. this is important because it's believed that that is where al-qaeda is holed up and perhaps even osama bin laden as the pakistan military prepares to begin what they say is an imminent raid and military maneuvers to go into the area. for some, this could be what many people have been waiting by the pakistan military to try and clear out and take care of al-qaeda there once and for all. jamie? >> the unemployment rate back here at home approaching 10%. you might already know jobs are hard to find. just about everywhere. what can the government do to
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get the economy back on its feet and put so many of you back to work? it was a big topic on fox news sunday. >> we are in the middle of both an auto recession and we've been sort of a one industry state for 100 years. so we are really focused on diversifying. then you layer upon that the financial recession and it's really doubly hit us. >> joining me now, the host of fox news sunday, chris wallace. good morning. >> thank you, same to you. >> do you know now after these interviews which were very, very informative, where the jobs are? where should people be looking? >> well, the answer is we've got a terrible economic situation. i think the lead thing that came out of our discussion is the fact we're in a mess and we'll stay in a mess for a while. mark glandy, who was john mccain's top -- one of his top economic advisors during the campaign and helped the democrats right the stimulus plan, says that we could be over 8% four years from now and there
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is talk about more government stimulus, whether it's spending, whether it's tax cuts, there is a lot of debate about what would work and what wouldn't work. but it does seem that this very high unemployment is going to continue not just into next year, which we all have known, but for several years to go. >> do you get the sense in the beltway that the spending going on in washington, because we know the one place you can get a job is likely a government job. there is so many people being added on the government payroll. do you get a sense of they're beginning to change their mind about some of the spending measures that are being thought about, potential second stimulus and so forth? >> you're not going to see something called a second stimulus 'cause that's political poison. democrats know that as well as republicans. so i think what you'll see is piecemeal efforts and i think you'll see a lot of tax credits,
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less spending and more tax credits. you'll see spending on things like extending unemployment benefits or extending health insurance cobra benefits for people who lose their jobs. but what they're talking about now is extending and expanding the job credit for home buyers and also very serious consideration of a tax credit to businesses that add payroll. if you add a permanent new job, especially with health care. i think there is an understanding that they've got to do more to give incentives to the private sector and maybe less government spending. i don't know that you're going to see a new public works project. >> chris, i can't wait to hear about vegas. i know you had steve wynn on the program. >> if for no other reason you want to watch jennifer granholm, and steve wynn go at it on the show, this is worth the price of admission.
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>> check your local listings. great to see you. >> you bet. >> jamie, have you gotten your flu shot yet? if you haven't, many health clinics across the country say they're running out of the supplies of the seasonal flu vaccines. just when our country is gearing up for another round of swine flu. if you can't get your shot until you get one, what you need to know about the antivirus drugs like tamiflu and relenza. when to use them, how they can help, the flu and you, dr. rosenfelt and sunday house call coming up.
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